Are you getting married? Congratulations!!!

These are the moments we live for as an experienced husband & wife team with a passion for storytelling, and we really love to capture with a unique style these moments for our clients and create a timeless look for your video. We don’t make a worthless wedding video or cheesy posing, we love to create your love story with a cinematic video or with an astonishing photo collection of your big day. As you start planning for your wedding remember that choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important investments you will make for your big day. You should choose a photographer whom you will enjoy sharing your day with. Someone who knows how special every moment and memory is to you. 

For this reason, we offer a new service, Dream Package. Dream package is a new philosophy about wedding photography and videography service. You choose your services, and your budget and we make your dream come true.  No budget matter anymore with us, get your quote!
Our photography style: 

4Karma  photography style is all about moments and emotions, all about client’s personality and human relationships. Photography is like hunting - you should be always up for an action and at the same time to be merged with the environment! Only, in this case,  you could get really fascinating images! When seeking a photographer, it’s best to not get caught up in the number of products each photographer is promising. Stay focused on the actual quality of the work provided. Think to yourself that you can always purchase an album or additional prints later (even 5-10 years later), but you can’t change the quality of the photographs taken at the wedding after the wedding day.  

Having a great camera and technical skills will allow your wedding photographer to capture exposed, well-lit images regardless of the lighting situation and time constraints. On the other hand, having great creative skills will allow your photographer to approach each shot with a unique viewpoint and artistic vision ensuring that the shots are not just photos, but they are beautiful images.

Our  videography philosophy:

Our wedding videography philosophy is to strive to capture the intangible, the inexplicable and find the story behind each moment and portray it with artistry and intent. We seek and anticipate your best moments and translate them into polished visuals.

With the ephemeral nature of life, our wedding videography lends itself to preserving these fleeting moments into modern tellings of love, life, and its celebrations. Our main goal is to create Feature Movie about your life- how it is- that’s why we focus on real dialogs, emotional moments and just real life episodes. Your Life Movie starts before the Big Day. Together with you, we plan the pre-wedding video shooting- the idea is always based on your real life.

On the wedding day, we are very details oriented and trying to catch every moment and record every dialog- because that’s what makes the video valuable. We don’t produce cheesy wedding videos, we create a Feature Movie Life with artistic style. Each our movie is very personal and unique. They all are the reflections of our clients' life!

If a big wedding isn't your thing, but you still want amazing photographs to commemorate getting married, you're in the right spot!  Elopements are kinda our thing and hold a special place in our hearts.  After all, we eloped ourselves!

Why are two photographers/videographers better than one?

We are like tater tots and chocolate cake. It makes no sense at first but then, it’s the only thing that makes sense. If you want photos or videos with your significant other, then you already know that two is better than one, and so do we. We are different from each other, and that means we push each other creatively, and that means you get all the best photos.

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Cancellation or Return Policy: No Cancellation or Return Policy

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